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“RAMUS” is rich with cool and neutral tones that evoke a certain tranquil and undisturbed mood. It completely takes the viewer and puts them in an untroubled place where sounds are hushed, giving peace and quietude more and more space, allowing the view to fill the eyes and the rest of the senses and make it an engulfing, visual experience. The title “Ramus” means branch, vein or bone which are also evoked by the shapes of the trees in the foreground. I chose this name as a way to draw similarities between our own veins and bones and the tree branches but also as an invitation for us to hold tight to a tree branch in order to lift us to serenity and a home within ourselves. 

Ramus prints

PriceFrom C$30.00
    • 8x8 Inches
    • 9x9 Inches
    • 10x10 Inches
    • 11x11 Inches

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