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Picture of artist Sarah Hayek

Sarah Hayek is a self-taught painting artist who works with oil paint on canvas and ink pen on paper. Her love of art has lead her to acquire a degree in Cinematography.


For more than 10 years, she has developed and fine-tuned her style in order to convey more depth and emotion. She has practiced with all kinds of mediums, including but not limited to watercolor, graphite, acrylic and ink. After a period of exploration, her interest fell on oil paint and black and white illustrations, which are her ideal ways for self-expression. 

She is inspired by nature where most of her subjects come from. They come adorned with an array of dream-like quality. She captures this with the use of either ink on paper or oil paint on canvas. 

Her black and white ballpoint art is centered on animals and small creatures displayed in a unique and imaginary settings, to emphasize their vulnerability as well as their solid connection to nature. Her ink illustrations carry a fantastical dimension through the combination of minute details and insertions of creative forms and whimsical arrangements. As for her oil paintings, she fluctuates between still-life and landscapes to create colorful and vibrant work influenced by contemporary impressionism. Her oil paintings are infused with a sense of reverie through the use of vibrant colors and vivid contrasts. Both styles, either in color or composition, are heavily entwined in reality and imagination. 

We will leave with her own words to conclude: “My intention is to add an imaginatively enhanced dimension to what we see around us, so that we can look at nature, animals and the whole world with a new sense of wonder.”

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