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I love the beautiful time of transition from Spring to Summer. The birds would sing their heart out and the trees would be all in bloom. My bedroom would be all in pink hues from the lilac and cherry blossom trees around the house... In the spirit of sunshine and blue skies, I decided to portray this happy feeling with a painting inspired by my visit to West Point Beach in Prince Edward Island.


The red sandy beach was completely covered in seashells. I remember I spent most of my time there collecting a huge amount of them which I still keep and use as ornaments around the house to bring a fresh and authentic summer touch! One of the best souvenirs I got to collect. But the focal point of this beach is its lighthouse and I wanted to portray exactly that in this painting, framing it at the edge of the fenced path and surrounding it with pastel clouds and clear, vivid, blue, summer sky. Doesn't it make you want to go to the beach right now!?

West Point or Ode to Summer prints

PriceFrom C$40.00
    • 8x10 Inches
    • 9x12 Inches
    • 11x14 Inches

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