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Lots of delicious patterns and colors in this one... If you are wondering where I get my fabrics and textiles from, I have to tell you these are actually my clothes. Indeed, I try to stay frugal and steer clear of consumerism mostly for environmental reasons. So instead of purchasing and falling prey to shopping addictions, I use whatever my closet already has to offer.

The blue and white cloth is actually a summer dress I have received a few Christmases ago from my husband, and the striped, colorful fabric all around is actually a midi-skirt that I have had for as long as I can remember. This then would be my take on recycled art. The only difference is that these fabrics can still be enjoyed both as clothes and in paintings, this time around with the freshest, juiciest looking tomatoes.

Three Tomatoes

  • 40 x 50 cm / 16 x 20 inches

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