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Having grown up along the beautiful shores of the Mediterranean Sea, I have always been fascinated with water, its clarity, its depth, its cleansing and purifying effect on us, its serene quietude, its devastating rage, its power to hold and take away life. I have always loved the sea and the ocean, but also the rivers and lakes.

Whenever I used to look out from the windows of my childhood home, the sea was always there like a faithful friend greeting me every day. As I moved and traveled across the globe, this fascination always stayed with me and allowed me to enjoy and marvel over the beauty of such a fragile ecosystem.

This being said, of all the shores, coasts, seas and oceans I was very lucky and blessed to see, none has made a greater and more touching impression on me than the rocky, tidal coast of the Bay of Fundy. As I got to walk on the ocean floor of Hopewell Rocks and explore this beautiful, out-of-this-world site, I felt myself transported and taken into a place whose unequivocal beauty is beyond words and comprehension.

This is my second painting based on the hundreds of pictures I got to take during my visit there. And as much as I encourage everyone including myself to try and make time to go and witness this magnificent stretch of coast, I also hope that I will manage to transfer a shred of its colossal glory on canvas as often as I possibly can.

On the Ocean Floor prints

PriceFrom C$40.00
    • 8x10 Inches
    • 9x12 Inches
    • 11x14 Inches

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