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It was a beautiful, sunny, mid-summer day. The one that brings out children's laughter around a pool of glimmering, teal water or guides families to a cool, shaded spot under heavily foliaged tree branches for a long-awaited bite. Inside the house, the windows were wide open in every room, welcoming in a skin-tickling warm breeze. She decided the dining table would greatly benefit from a smorgasbord of freshly cut flowers, waiting to be picked for that honorable placement. Hastily grabbing her garden knife, she walked out, her son enthusiastically trailing along, impatient to get his hand soaked in dirt and sunlight, encouraging her with shouts and cries of glee.

I could see her from the living room window working her way through some tall shrubs, barely visible behind their willowy leaves. Zesty white foxgloves, calming purple campanulas and fiery red tiger lilies... She had them all and wanted them all! Few moments later, we were all gathered around her generous table, lavishly garnished with her floral harvest of the day...


"My Sister's Garden Flowers" captures a simple yet precious memory and seals it so it will never be lost.

My Sister's Garden Flowers

  • 35 x 45 cm / 14 x 18 inches

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