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I love going foraging for edible mushrooms in the early fall. My absolute favorites are boletes and chanterelles, and I collect them wherever and whenever I can find them.

Did you know that mushrooms are considered the original internet? What we see above ground is their fruit, but deep in the soil, they have a whole complex network that can stretch for miles. This network allows trees to connect and communicate in order to share water and nutrients and help each other grow and stay healthy. As if this is already not amazing enough, mushrooms turn into the most powerful superheroes called upon to clean oceans and seas from oil spills. Next time you find one, take a moment to enjoy its humble beauty and quiet power.

So here is my tribute to fungi. These are Honey Mushrooms that I captured during a hike in Doncaster River Park.

Forest Honey

  • 40 x 50 cm / 16 x 20 inches

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