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The inspiration behind this painting is my mother’s flowers and gardens that she has been taking care of as far back as I can remember. Her blooms have a touch of magic to them since they always blossom with bright and vivid colors, looking bigger and sturdier each year. No flower or stem is too fragile or weak not to be given a pair of helping, magical, gloved hands, some fresh water and healing sunshine. I decided to make my brushstrokes a little smoother and blend them a bit more than I usually do, just to give the artwork a little bit of a smoother feel in order to emphasize the elegant movement of the leaves and petals. This painting would make a beautiful addition to a home where also dwells a love of nature, gardens and flowers.

Angelique prints

PriceFrom C$30.00
    • 8x8 Inches
    • 9x9 Inches
    • 10x10 Inches
    • 11x11 Inches

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